Another Meeting

As a quasi administrator I find myself at times wondering why in the hell am I sitting in this meeting? Who put this in my outlook and am I getting punked or something? At most meetings I will be the one leading it and wondering the whole time, “why did we call this meeting and isnt this something that could of been handled in an email? Then their are those meetings where someone comes in while you are frantically trying to complete a task and they start rambling on? No really!!! Just had a person walk into my room and … Continue reading Another Meeting

How to Discipline A Special Need Student in the Classroom

I work with a special need population in the classroom and always wondered if the discipline is different for special needs students vs. those that aren’t labeled as such. For me the answer is yes and no. I say yes because there are methods we use according to what child we are working with. There are accommodations that they deserve and we need to follow. We can eliminate a lot of behaviors by setting up routines in our classroom and dealing with situations in a calm manner. I say no for those that are included in the general education system … Continue reading How to Discipline A Special Need Student in the Classroom