Preparing For The STAAR

Hey Everyone,

Ok I have made a new STAAR review test for the 2018-2019 season. I have gone through the STAAR tests for 2017-2018 to make these questions.

I crafted these to look like the original STAAR test. It should provide you with some great feedback on how well your students are processing the vocabulary and language used on the test.

I even provided the TEK that each question goes with in the answer document. See preview

This allows you to collect great DATA and hone in on areas that need reteaching.

You can cut out the questions that deal with say 5.4. Do a mini lesson and give those questions specific to that TEK. You can use this in a lot of different ways.

In all my years of testing, if I can get students to a 60-70% mastery of a subject they will do well on the STAAR. Drill down on those areas where it is under 60%.

You can also take those TEKS and develop small groups from the DATA. This way I know exactly who needs to be working on what.

So, there are a ton of ways to use this resource and get information from it.

This is the first one, I hope to get two more created before STAAR testing for the students.

This resource has 20 questions with a variety of STAAR like questions. The STAAR tests generally have around 36 questions so this will help with endurance if you do it all at once.

Hope it works out ok for everyone.

5th grade math STAAR test

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