5th grade math STAAR money questions

Hey Everyone!!!!!

I have been scouring through 5th grade TEKS and comparing them to the last two STAAR tests (2017-2018). Did you know on the last two tests there were 10 questions dealing with money!!!!! That is crazy to me. Those questions can be the difference in pass or fail a STAAR test.

Here is some testing prep materials you can use either as you approach STAAR or when you finish a unit to see if what was taught aligns with what our students will see on the STAAR test.

I have always liked task cards because there is so much you can do with them, so these little units will be task card like. But you can use them anyway you choose. You can use all 20 questions in a test format if you like!

Use at stations, as exit tickets, or just put them on the board and check for understanding. Or do what I do, cut them out and hang them in the hallway and turn them lose.

5th grade math. STAAR questions

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