Blended Classroom Models

I have been blessed to be a part of Verizons VILS program for the year 2020-2021. It couldn’t had come at a better time. We were ahead of the game when the pandemic struck.

Some advantages to the program is that I witness great new blended models being used in teaching. The one I am thinking of now is where a teacher actually gives very little lecturing and the students move through stations and learn at their own pace.

A great advantage to this is the teacher knows immediately who is struggling with content and who is not. This particular teacher actually spends more time with the students and less time standing in front of a classroom.

It was this experience that caused me to share some different classroom models we are seeing and learning about.

Flipped Classroom

A lot of times we think of this model as recording our lecture so that students can access at a later time when they are at home and struggling with a particular concept. But with the insurgence of hyperdocs and and branch logics this can be taken to whole new levels.

Below you see an example of flipping the classroom. Put your thinking cap on because this could be done while students are face to face or even virtual.

Flex Model

It is hard for me to say which model I love the most but they all are pretty exciting to see taking place. When I first started thinking about this model and watched it in action, I thought about our own intervention time. This would work great in that setting and in any creative way. This fun to see and really gets you to thinking.

Rotation Stations

This next one is one I have used a lot when I was teaching fifth grade. I use to work at baccalaureate school. In middle school that equates to being self contained. So yes, everyday I had to prepare for five different subjects. I actually loved it because I could manage the class in a way to cover more material in areas they were struggling. So, I used a lot of rotation stations in my teachings. The power of it comes in differentiation and being able to reach the students at all levels. I could see this at higher levels using hyperdocs and branching out assignments.

Flexible Playlist

I think this can be used at all levels. I love how this works with older students but can be used at any level. This can be powerful when executed correctly. With older students I have seen them use this model with a paced learning environment. Every student was engaged and teaching each other. This is taking the homework bingo concept to a whole new level.

There you have it. Share some ideas you have about blended classrooms.

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