Change is Hard in Education

When it comes to education it seems we find ourselves in this perpetually cycle of failure. I recently received this from the local newspaper. Two-fifths of HISD students failing one or more classes amid COVID-19 pandemic Houston ISD has disclosed that 42% of its students failed one or more classes during the first few weeks of virtual learning. The failure rate in the first grading period of the fall is typically around 11%. The district returned to in-person learning on October 19th, although only 41% of students have done so, with the remainder learning virtually. A representative with the Houston … Continue reading Change is Hard in Education

Special Education Stigma

No doubt there is a stigma that surrounds special education. Even teachers view students receiving services differently at times. I have more than once had students receiving services say they don’t want to be labeled or placed in the “that class.” I ask what class? They respond by saying, “you know the one with the reputation.” Ever hear someone say, “they belong on the short bus?” Yes there is a stigma surrounding special education! It wasn’t until I worked within special education did I realize it operates in a different world. It was like when I was asked to be … Continue reading Special Education Stigma